For a few months, Kanye West has set up a mysterious company named DONDA. Its goal? Enlightening the world thanks to the religion of dopeness, radical chic and minimalism.

While we still wait for them to cure humanity from the mullet and yoga pants disease, lately DONDA has been dedicating most of its time to the design of rap album covers – which is quite a task, to be honest.

The peculiar style of their visuals ? An extreme minimalism and a bold emphasis on what is, according to DONDA, the essence of the artist or its project.

More simply put: for 2 Chainz LPs, they just put two chains on the covers.

As the name of Pusha T’s new album is “My Name is My Name“, they just put a barcode on the cover – as beeping it directly links to Pusha T’s name.

Deep, son.

We read that it took DONDA’s lead designer an estimated 700 HOURS to design “Cruel Summer” cover art.

As we’re a bunch of assholes, we wanted to try something:¬† what would the covers of the 10 most anticipated albums of 2013 look like if DONDA designed it?

And could we do it in less than ONE MINUTE ?

Well, check the video and covers below.

As we’ve received quite a lot of feedback from you, we’ve also created this Tumblr, featuring dozens of other classic covers, revisited DONDA-style. You can submit yours – just make sure to time you:

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Maybach Music – Self Made Vol. III

Iggy Azalea – The New Classic

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience, Part 2

Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron

Drake – Nothing was the same

Future – Honest

DJ Khaled – Suffering from success

Common – Common Sense new LP

Nicki Minaj – new LP

Merci à la fille bleue de Saturne pour son aide sur la vidéo.

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  1. Tr√®s bon boulot, celle de Khaled et Nicki m’ont fait exploser de rire. Y’en a qui pourrait tr√®s bien le faire comme celles d’Eminem, d’Iggy Azalea, Drake et Future. Par contre, j’esp√®re qu’Oxymoron aura une pochette plus d√©velopp√©e que cela.

  2. Du grand art.

  3. Le 20/20 c’est vraiment abus√©.
    Il me faut les mouchoirs √† Dj Khaled pour essuyer mes larmes de rire…et de respect pour votre taf.
    Hater’s rules !

  4. Celui de Schoolboy Q est vraiment cool, celui de Nicky Minaj… enfin vous voyez quoi ;)

    (ce fut mon commentaire de merde, merci.)

  5. Vous avez été cités les gars:

  6. What if we prefer an article written in french, you fucking ha√Įsseurs.FR ?
    I already got the flemme to read bullshit in french, but in english it is not even la peine.

  7. Une page o√Ļ ils poussent loin le d√©lire (A voir le picto “Highway to hell”)

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